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CSM MACD work in progress show

The day before working progress show:
Everybody were busy with putting on works, our tutors Foz and Gary were walking around to help us.
"Matilda, what the hell are you doing?" Foz.
"I'm trying to hang the kitchen roll below the stair... by this plastic string..." Matilda.
"OKAY, let us help you!" Foz and Gary said
"thank you..." Matilda
"like this?"
"...or this?"
"well...let us try this..."

(15 minutes later)
"Matilda, I think the best way is screwing the roll on stair!" Foz said with a bit impatient
"...but ..." Matilda
"give me the turn-screw!" Foz
"noooooo, it's I borrowed from Angela..."

"O K A Y ! IT'S DONE!" (Foz and Gary walked away)
"... my ten pound" Matilda (crying} q i _i)

Left side: ED's work.
Right side under the stair: Matilda's work.

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