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26/01/2014 兼六園 雪吊 / Yukitsuri in Kenroku-en

26/01/2014 兼六園 雪吊 / Yukitsuri in Kenroku-en / pen and colour pencils

Yukitsuri (雪つり) is a technique for preserving trees and shrubs from heavy snow. Trees are given extra support by bamboo poles with ropes attached to limbs; whereas, shrubs are often tied tightly around the circumference. Yukitsuri is a common sight in Kanazawa and Kenrokuen Garden during the winter months. - description from wikipedia

生日禮物 :) Matilda's birthday gift

但... 拼好後才發現我把它拼壞了........


以下是在朋友家默默陪伴我拼完相機的狗狗 - 豆漿 

Olympus PINK GIRL 攝影課

加上新工作變得好忙碌喔 >_<
以下是去之前Olympus舉辦的Pink girl攝影課拍的照片。

希望之後能po更多照片與圖片上來 :)
大家也要常常來{Ready to eat}逛逛喔~
I am currently relocating ! 
Me gusta! :D

Working very hard everyday, 
a little bit intense but also excited,
a project of new Matilda is on the way.

Graphic design work 2

Red envelope for Chinese new year created for Ciao ciao salon...

It is paper folding actually

 There is a coin when you unfold it, NTD 100

It is A4 size


Graphic design work

These are some works I did for Ciao Ciao Salon few months ago.

A birthday card with voucher inside for customers.

Trip in Korea - part 2

Day 1: 我們前三天都住這度假村裡,這個度假村是2013冬季奧
雪場,走路一分鐘...  village of Pyeong Chang 2013 special olympic world winter games. 

Day 2: 第二天就莫不急待的去滑雪啦,超好玩的!韓國小朋
友很厲害,踩著小小滑雪板,萌到一個不行。— at Alpensia Ski Resort.

Day 3: 這天主要是去大吃大喝,哈哈,沒有啦,先去海邊,然後吃海產後接著去傳統海鮮市集;韓國傳統海鮮市集— in South Korea.

Day 4: Coex shopping mall, it is cool and just next to the hotel we lived. I used the filter of my camera to take this :D

Day 5: There is an artwork from Gilbert & George in the lobby of Intercontinental, interesting :) oh, I mean... wow, posh!— at Grand Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul, Korea.

Francis Bacon- The Tip of an Iceberg

昨天到高雄美術館看Francis Bacon的展覽,回想起幾年前在倫敦,同樣是Bacon的油畫展所造成的轟動景像,這次在高雄美術館的素描展,似乎像小品散文集般,讓我看見了一個不一樣的Francis Bacon,雖然一開始看到全部都是素描作品,相較於一直以來,對他使用強烈色彩來表達濃厚情感的油畫,產生某種程度上的落差,但或許就如同他在世時想傳達的其中一個想法,觀看他的作品,不論是油畫或素描,重要的是感覺,在當下感受他的情緒與筆觸,瞭解他所發現的真實,更進一步了解這是一個甚麼樣的人;另外一個值得一題的地方是,雖然作品不多(他的素描本來就不多),尺寸也不大,但是展覽空間很有趣,我自己非常喜歡那些玻璃框上的小圓圈,希望大家也可以在裡面看到一個跟印象中不一樣的Francis Bacon。

美術館官網 The official website of Kaohsiung museum of fine arts :

展覽資訊 the information about this exhibition:
 Francis Bacon- The Tip of an Iceberg 
(25/Feb/2012 - 20/May/2012)



插曲一:我昨天試圖要做捷運跟公車去美術館,結果遇到運動會公車不進去美術園區,我真的走到要鐵腿加中暑... (冒煙)
下次要搭乘大眾運輸工具,還是先查好比較保險... (但我有查耶,只是運動會... 要怎麼查啊?哎呀!好希望捷運可以離美術館近一點...)


Korea is awesome !

Korea is awesome!
Food, views and so many things...
ahh... we went to ski! Ski is so much fun, although it was my first time to try it, but already love it! :D

Love the shadow of this one

The sea is so pretty, the blue is amazing!

I love this photo the best, but it is not focused when I took it... -_-' (I thought it was...)

Must have in Korea! yammy~~ masisoyo~

It was a bit cold there, but I felt nice :) ( ...heaters everywhere)

I took a lot of photos, 
but this is an illustration website... (really?) 
urrr... yes, I think so... (you sure?)
well... I think I will post those photos somewhere else then... ( /_\ )

A trip in Taipei

Then I went to Taipei visited my friends, 
with my camera of course, haha (now I take it almost everywhere!)

but I went there by high speed rail, not by walk   :p

My friend bring me a set of vintage number stamps from NY, thank you :D

urrr.... I was trying to make a heart shape ... haha, never-mind :p
but the stamps are very nice quality

On the way for dinner in Taipei, I saw two dogs kissing on the street, so cute!
During these three days, we went to so many places and have some nice food, it was really nice!

San-He Tile Kiln

My family and I went to visit my relatives during Chinese new year,
here is the kiln factory of my aunt- San-He Tile Kiln.
It is a beautiful place, the weather was really nice as well,
lovely flowers and art works, we were very happy to see other family members!

Entrance of San-He

Shop for selling some art works and souvenirs 

beautiful flowers

beautiful, colourful and historical tiles, love them so much!

It is a place very suitable for riding bicycle, taking photos or even just take a walk.
Welcome to visit! (in Kaohsiung/ Taiwan) :D