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Welcome to {ready to eat}, here is a blog that I would like to share interesting things within daily life.
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Mysophobia - Organic Wall-decoration

As a collaboration exhibition, Matilda did a set of wall decoration for the topic, mysophobia. The working process had changed through a different aspect of metaphorizing this compositive disorder as jellyfish. Because jellyfish is a danger, clean and beautiful (appearance) , composed by 70% of water (person who has mysophobia washes his hand frequently). Using different brushes to change the concept from clean to dirty. At first, abstract jellyfish was drew on A0 size paper, through the process of cutting small pieces of circle by scissor, the action itself become a deconstruction, which means each circle was a single piece of jellyfish. The way of display in the space was from clean images (entrance and the first room) to dirty (the corridor and the second room).

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