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Traditional War III

When I came back to Taiwan, it seemed the main political two-party, KMT (blue) and DPP (green) were still the same, the opposite of political arguments, malversation, tragical-hero-like speech of Chen Shui-bian.

However it always makes me laugh about the language translation. KMT means Kuomintang, it is actually translated directly from mandarin pronunciation, that means if you are someone who cannot speak any mandarin, you can still say 'Kuo-min-tang' (the same with Chinese pronunciation). But who knows what that means?? I just don't understand how come they don't want to change it to 'Chinese Nationalist Party of ROC' in English version on the website. it is nothing about unpatriotic or anti-Chinese culture. Just it is more easy to communicate at least. (but somehow it can be a benefit that forcing western people to learn mandarin.)

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My flatmate is now having a holiday in Switzerland, I wish can go somewhere apart from London this year or next year.

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