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ASKR DECA is a monster that feeds on human sorrow. He inhales sorrow and spews fresh air from the mouth behind his head. However, humans don’t like ASKR DECA, they blame him for eating their sadness completely and leaving nothing but emptiness. People therefore have no reason to feel sadness, and also no energy to pretend to feel sad. Even though they don’t feel sorrow anymore, they also cannot feel joy. The only thing that remains is tiring vacancy.

Fortunately, there is a lonely girl who feels sorrow most of the time. She does not have any human friends, because they think she is quite strange. Only ASKR DECA knows that her brain is full of fantastic imagination, just like living in a poetic world, and he admires her for that. So they become friends and have some fun. However, there is no reason to feel sorrow for her anymore, since the little girl has ASKR DECA as a friend. Day after day, ASKR DECA starts to feel hungry for sorrow. A demand for satisfying himself motivates ASKR DECA, ‘because in life it is impossible to be so propitious, there must be something wrong, and I am going to teach her this’ he thinks. He leaves the little girl back with her loneliness and feels sorrow finally, but there is one thing ASKR DECA did not consider: that humans can turn out fairly weak without the care of each other, and the weakness of humanity is able to kill almost anything.

Consequently, ASKR DECA can only inhale the sorrow that comes from himself.

Thanks Gavin for emendating the text.


Piagetzu said...

Fantastic story!!

Piagetzu said...

But, forgive my poor English.
Is the girl dead finally?

Song Wen Matilda Huang said...

Thank you~~
yes... she is dead already /_\