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Welcome to {ready to eat}, here is a blog that I would like to share interesting things within daily life.
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After came back from UK… (actually I didn’t feel very sad at the time, perhaps knowing I will be back one day, but really miss the life in London…)
Matilda was preparing my studio- MATILDA CREATIVE, mainly for creative solutions, use all the skill that I can do and cooperate with other studio/artist, and also open for opportunities in the UK. (Looking for company that would like to work permit me, I will do everything! ...legal) haha 

My first project back to Asia was creating wedding solutions for Howard and Niko’s wedding, which are including wedding invitation, small book for gift and videos for playing in the wedding.
wedding invitation design
cause Howard like the way I did for traditional war (please check digital drawing) and stencil graffiti that I used to do..

wedding invitation design - there is a cup mat inside of the invitation

really love the texture of it

Wedding invitation design - cup mat, the shape is symbol of infinity... (can you see it?)
There are two cups you can put in one time.
自己把杯墊取名為 --- 好事成雙 無限大杯墊,一次可以放兩杯呦!

The photographic books are on the table...

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