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it's new year soon! (in Chinese calendar)

Happy New Year everyone!
Feels like I took a really long rest, haha
At the end of 2010, Matilda was working/ traveling/ moving and finally backs to Asia for a while...
It's always good to be home! 
2011 is the 100th year of Taiwan; it is changing a lot, especially my hometown Kaohsiung... in a good way :)

First, I want to share some thing i did at the end of last year...

"Coup de ville 2010 in Sint-Niklaas Belgium"
It was organized by WARP contemporary art platform, from 11.09.2010-24.10.2010
Sint Niklaas is a town in between Gent and Antwerpen in Belgium. Warp invited contemporary artists from all over the world residing in the houses of citizens it the town. 

Follow the map you can easily (can be difficult sometimes, cause the view in the town is beautiful!) find a sculptures, installations inside people’s house.
At the same time, WARP also invited curators/critics/artists from different filed to join the conference, exchanging their point of views, and showing each other portfolios. Artists were living in the caravans. Here is the container that Matilda was living… couldn’t help to draw on window and pretend there is a real curtain, haha.

Our container were built in a market square,  the caravan for meeting was built by artist Karl Philips.

There were two cute caravans for security guards as well, cause we actually lived in an open space.

Please allow me to write the description for the exhibition later. I have to say it did open my mind and learn a lot during this event, meeting some nice and wonderful people; Matilda would live to do this again for 2011.
A hole on the road for bicycles.

A lady called Elie Van, gave me a card and gave me some nice suggestions at the end of the journey, and chocolates from Belgium is one of the best of course. :)

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