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Happy valentine's day!

Happy valentine's day! or independent day!
(this is a traditional calendar in Taiwan. It shows everything you can do on today, from if it is a good day to get married to can you cut your hair. )

Today Matilda visited ‘San-He Tile Kiln’ (blog: http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/ )
It locates in Kaohsiung county (well… it is combined with Kaohsiung city now) Tiles is one of the basic elements in Taiwanese architecture. San-He tile Kiln has been one of the factories, which is still producing traditional tiles for nearly a hundred year. The manufactory keeps a sophisticated way to produce tiles; mostly hand made and pays so much attention on each one of them.

Moreover, San-He tile kiln is transforming itself to muti-culture development, brings the variety of products and educational purpose. Hope with the help of government can also evoke more interest from public and society.

Matilda took some photos, feel so warm when seeing the factory and those tiles cause I used to running around the house when come back here with my father to visited aunty in Chinese New Year. Today I was running around like a kid again, haha.

This is one of my fav!

After visited the factory, I have some nice ideas with it to create some art works, so hope that Matilda can have some funding to work with the tile kiln. (Okay, put this on my 2011 to do list! haha) 

On my way home, this is one of tube stations in Kaohsiung, the Kaohsiung MRT Formosa Boulevard Station. It is designed by Shin Takamatsu architect and associates. (http://www.takamatsu.co.jp/)

1. all the right of pictures are reserved by San-He Tile Kiln.

2. please contact with me if you would like to donate some funding for my future art works.

Love to all nice people in the world!
Hope you all enjoy today and everyday!!

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