Hello, thank you for visiting. My name is Matilda, I am an illustrator.

Welcome to {ready to eat}, here is a blog that I would like to share interesting things within daily life.
Please also visit Matilda's illustration website : matildahuang.moonfruit.com ; thank you!


Today is a good day in Chinese calendar, good day for getting a marriage or publishing Matilda's new illustration website!
Come and check it out!
Thanks and have a GOOD DAY :D

今天在中國年曆是個好日子,是結婚的好日子,也是公佈Matilda新網站的好日子,歡迎大家來參觀,看在今天我二度差點被鞭炮丟中的份兒上,來網站案個讚咩~   謝謝   :D

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