Hello, thank you for visiting. My name is Matilda, I am an illustrator.

Welcome to {ready to eat}, here is a blog that I would like to share interesting things within daily life.
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Own a colour, save a life!

Own a colour, save a life! Please join the charity even organized by UNICEF and DULEX. Look at my colour - Matilda (will be the trend of next 10 years!)  hahaha :D

歡迎大家加入英國油漆DULEX與聯合國兒童基金會推出的活動,可以為自己喜愛的顏色命名,並捐款協助有需要的兒童喔! 我的顏色看起來不賴吧!(應該會是接下來十年的時尚色,哈哈)

We want to name 16.7 million colours for at least £1 to raise money for the children's charity UNICEF.

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